TeleHealth Services that Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

Helping Family Caregivers Help Their Aging Loved One.

Did you know? Supporting Family Caregivers decreases hospitalizations by 51%
(Source: National Bureau of Economic Research 2016)
eFamilyCare works with family caregivers to improve the health of seniors with chronic conditions, which drives down the cost of care by:
  • Helping to manage their medications
  • Helping to prevent falls
  • Helping to identify changes in mentation
  • Helping to communicate and understand the care plan
  • Helping to reduce in-person healthcare visits
  • Helping to avoid unnecessary Emergency Room Visits and Hospital Admissions
(Source: The American Journal of Emergency Medicine 2019)
We help Payers and Providers through digital innovation and patient engagement.
Our powerful TeleHealth platform can be White Labeled with your healthcare company’s branding. This creates a seamless experience to help the family caregiver understand the provider’s care plan.
Allow your patient’s family to access our TeleHealth mobile and online platform for information and support at their convenience.
Care Evaluation
Secure Communication
Virtual Video Visits
Family Caregiver Advising
Help at Your Fingertips
Curated Content
eFamilyCare provides family caregivers ongoing support with a personal Care Adviser
Not only can your organization white label our platform, but you can also white label our Care Advisers.
Our account managers will work with your team to build your brand’s best practices into our care adviser’s routine. This provides your organization with a care advising platform and service for family caregivers, who typically make care decisions for their aging loved ones.